Luxury breakfast

I made a nice breakfast for myself. Which in the end turned out to be both breakfast and lunch because my belly is not as much of a magically enlarging space as I would like it to be sometimes.

It looks really fancy I think. It tasted really good too. I wish I could give you a proper recipe, but I don’t really measure stuff, so… You’ll have to do with some vague directions I’m afraid!


Put one egg, some all purpose flour, and sugar to taste in a bowl. Add a bit of milk and mix. Keep adding milk and mixing until it’s liquid but not thin. It should be a slightly thicker mixture, but not doughy. Leave for a few minutes whilst you are preparing the rest (you can put the sauce and fruit on the stove before the pancake, as the pancake doesn’t take long), then mix again.

Then fry in a large enough pan, use butter or oil.

Vanilla sauce

This was not the best sauce EVER (the best vanilla sauces contain egg but it’s fussier and I couldn’t be bothered) but it was nice enough. I heated some milk in a saucepan, added vanilla extract, sugar and some cornstarch (for thickening).


I used frozen fruit, you could try it with your favourite fruit/s, this breakfast isn’t very fussy in that respect. Put in a saucepan on low heat to defrost and get a little bit of juice out of the berries too.

After arranging everything on a plate I added some powdered sugar on top, too. TASTY.

Flower crown

Just casually wearing a flower crown, yo. A while back I was doing a photoshoot with a friend and I had the idea that she would wear a flower crown. It was easier said than done because, well, there weren’t actually that many flowers around… She (not I, mine failed) managed to make one (that actually held up) so we went to shoot some photos with it. I decided I quite liked the idea of having some photos with me in it too, haha!

Also showing off my nails – it’s Hema (when is it not, really?!) 809 (the white) and Hema matte top coat.

I put some photos of the photoshoot I did with my friend on my facebook page – none with the flower crown yet. I’m saving those for better marketing times, it’s warm outside and people aren’t facebooking nearly as much now.

Hema bright red nailpolish 712 ‘Red Kiss’

My ongoing nail polish obsession (which, as I think I’ve explained before, stems from the fact that I have the habit of biting my nails, and I don’t bite them when they have nail polish on) means I’ve received TONS of polish as gifts lately. But this is one I bought myself a while ago. It’s a really bright archetypal RED colour (712 Red Kiss) from Hema in a small pot and I like it. It’s very cheerful and just makes me happy looking at it!