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Flower crown

Just casually wearing a flower crown, yo. A while back I was doing a photoshoot with a friend and I had the idea that she would wear a flower crown. It was easier said than done because, well, there weren’t actually that many flowers around… She (not I, mine failed) managed to make one (that actually held up) so we went to shoot some photos with it. I decided I quite liked the idea of having some photos with me in it too, haha!

Also showing off my nails – it’s Hema (when is it not, really?!) 809 (the white) and Hema matte top coat.

I put some photos of the photoshoot I did with my friend on my facebook page – none with the flower crown yet. I’m saving those for better marketing times, it’s warm outside and people aren’t facebooking nearly as much now.

Nikkor 50mm f 1.8G lens

I bought a new lens for my camera! I’m so pleased with it. I did extensive online research and I can confirm that all the positive reviews (I like this one) were accurate. It’s such a good quality lens!

These pictures were taken at night in a very dark pub. You know, in the kind of dark where if you try to take a pic with your phone it comes up (almost) solid black 99% of the time. I had to emphasise that, because if you see these pics you would not believe it..!


For those interested in photography/this lens – these pics were shot in Nikon’s raw format (NEF) and white balance, exposure, and blacks/whites were to some extent corrected within the raw editor. No Photoshop filters/actions etc. used. They were all taken at f/1.8 (aperture priority). The 50mm means you can’t get TOO close, which takes some getting used to for me, but I don’t really mind as such. I also LOVE the depth of field on this. It’s excellent for portraits.

Portrait photography

Amanda Thomsen photography

So as I mentioned before, I’m really trying to get the hang of this photography thing. I made an as of yet very limited pinboard about portrait and posed photography, because, whilst I by no means think I’m a great photographer, I’ve come across so many bad photographers who actually get PAID for doing shoots and I’m just like, how is that even possible?

People must have different ideas about what makes a good portrait, or what a natural (not awkward or forced) pose looks like. But anyway. I want to be inspired by the good photographers. Hence the pinboard. Any suggestions are welcome – do you know any good photographers for me to take a look at?

Hilariously bad photographers also welcome. It may be mean but I do love laughing at horrible pictures. Especially if people put them in their portfolio… If you put it in your portfolio, then you really do not have a good excuse ;)