Flower cutting and cultivation tips

Varieties good for cutting are magnolias, the luxurious waxy flowers are all beautiful for cutting. M.denudata is one of my favorites, once established you will get a dense covering of natural white super fragrant flowers.

iris photo

Cultivation tips for magnolias, they need shelter from strong winds and like the sun, but can tolerate partial shade, soil ph should be neutral, the soil needs to be deep and must have good water retention, but not spongy. Best time to plant is in late spring

Varieties that are very good for picking from early spring are C.pratensis, the subtle pink shades of the cuckoo flower mix beautifully with bluebells. These splendid flowers grow naturally but I prefer to grow my own.

Cardamine cultivation, they just love the sun but can also thrive in semi-shade. They can tolerate a wide range of Soil ph (Acidic through to Alkali) but the soil must be moist or wet. Propagations tips, propagate from seed in spring or by division in autumn.

Varieties good for cutting are P.vulgaris or P.vernalis. These amazing pasque flowers are very exotic and have a sexy purple coloring, there are of course other colors available, but I prefer the purple.

pulsatilla photo

Cultivation, they need the sun and can be slightly temperamental in shade conditions, the soil needs to be well drained calcareous (containing chalk). Propagate from root cutting in winter or fresh seed in late spring.

Arctotis Fastuosa – monarch of the veldt
Varieties that are good for cutting are the Vendidium fastuosum. This bright orange daisy with black markings on the petals and a chocolate center is one of my favorites, this variety lasts about twice as long in water as a marigold
Conditioning, strip off the bottom leaves. Cultivation, grow them in super drained sandy soil in non shady conditions.

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