The Varying Emotions of a Rose

Because of the aesthetic qualities the flower holds, it has been a number one choice as an object to convey the expressions and emotions of beauty, passion, respect and the most important of all; love.

Love ranging from the love from a parent to their child, among friends and of course who can forget the love from one person to their significant other.

There are many flowers that convey the expression of love of on to their significant other.

The most commonly known flower is the rose.

Belonging in the genus rosa this flora is the most versatile way to convey one’s varying range of emotions and expressions depending on the pigmentation and arrangement of the flower.

The crimson red is red as the color of the blood flowing through one’s veins that all eventually end up at the heart; the heart that which society has defined it simultaneous with romantic love.

The red rose has been a popular choice as a gift for one to another to convey their feelings of love from one to another from special days such as Valentines Day, birthdays, and anniversaries to even casual days just to remind their significant other that they love them.

The red rose also has additional meanings corresponding to the amount of stems that is received by person.

A dozen red roses convey the message “For the dozens of ways I love you.”

Two red dozen roses express the meaning “For each and every hour of the day I love you.”

Three and four dozen red roses proclaim the message of “True love” and “Unconditional love” in the respected order.

Red isn’t the only color that a rose can have.

Colors can range from pink, white, yellow, purple, burgundy, orange and even the once impossible blue. The pink rose can mean a variety of expressions depending on the shade of pink it is.

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rose photo

In general the pink rose symbolizes grace, sophistication and elegance which were certain attributes that young women from the Victorian Era, where florigraphy originates from, were trying to achieve.

A darker shade of pink can also mean gratefulness and appreciation and a lighter shade of pink can express admiration and sympathy.

The pink rose can also symbolize the love within friendship.

The white rose means innocence, purity, friendship, reverence and humility.

The yellow rose can express the emotion of joy and can mean friendship or platonic love. It can also have a negative emotion such as jealousy and can also mean infidelity. An orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm and desire.

The purple rose can convey the message of protection usually paternal love.

The burgundy rose holds the meaning of beauty and therefore a favorite among mature women.

The once non-existent blue rose which is now a possibility due to hybrid and genetic engineering holds the meaning of mystery as it used to never exist but was however substituted by dying a white rose with a blue dye.

In relation to this is the black rose which can symbolize hatred and death but can also mean positive meanings such as rejuvenation and rebirth.

However unlike the blue rose this rose does not exist. Roses that are called a black rose are just a very dark shade of red.

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